I like summer and I like autumn, but I feel like this inbetween weather that's been going on right now makes
 deciding what to wear alot harder. I figured I'd combine the things that remind me of both seasons by mixing
neutrals and colors together. Black and brown will be seen regularly this fall, but by adding just a pop of color
things don't scream all autumn just yet.

{H&M:  Black Patterned Dress |  H&M: Patterned Pumps | Wallis: Camel Chain Cross Body Bag
The Little Dictionary Of Fashion Book | Lipstick Queen: Velvet Rope Lipstick | Forever 21 Bracelet | 
H&M Pink Shoulder Bag }


For upcoming fall I have put together some things I've been drooling at for a while. 
Because I want to maintain a healthy glowy look during the colder months and keep summer around 
a little longer, these products ought to help:
1. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector - A shimmering moisturizer with SPF 20 for a natural glow 
and to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays even during the colder months. 
2. Hourglass Ambient Lightning blush - Recently this blush in the shade Dim Infusion caught my attention.
Dim Infusion is a beautiful corally shade for a natural finish. Since I'm not a big fan of cool toned blushes, 
this shade right here seems right up my alley. 
3. Jane Iredale POMMIST Hydration Spray - My skin tends to get very dry once the temperatures go down, 
so this spray is a musthave for any dry skin and to avoid an overpowdered makeup look. This spray can 
also be used for your hair against static, another common problem during fall and winter. A double win situation!
4. Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel - It's not a secret that I love me some eyeliner. The blacker the better! 
It's described as a waterproof longlasting eyeliner, so rain, wind, hail and snow will not stand a chance.
5. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - As if the packaging doesn't say enough already, this bronze
and highlighter set is a great duo to cheat back that healthy summer glow on your face. 
6. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - A good buildable concealer with hydrating benefits and promises no creasing 
sounds like all I need is in this one tiny tube.

What are your musthave products for fall? Is there anything on your wishlist you're dying to buy?


Hello hello there everyone. It's been a while! I've been busy, horribly sick, lazy and what not... but as you can
see my obsession with pretty things is still present, so I figured it was about time for a big girly post.
There's nothing like some good old goodies I collected over the past few weeks to get back in the game!

What have you all been up to? I'm curious to hear all about it!

Products shown:
Forever 21 Bracelet | Von Follies: Star Lift set | Zara Home: Silk Eye Mask |
Sonia Kashuk: Lavish Luxe brush set | Sigma 18k Gold brushes | MOR Little Luxuries Candle |
Lipstick Queen Lipstick | Charbonnel et Walker Chocolatier | Forever 21 Vintage Bouquet set}


I just saw it's been a while since my last update here.. time just flies doesn't it? Well, for this year I've decided to not update my blog so much because I have many other things on my mind, but I did I want to share a couple of things I recently got. It's nice to treat yourself once in a while.
{Ladurée: Savory, The recipes | Lisbeth Dahl: Perfume bottle | Jane Iredale: Loose Mineral Powder in ''Ivory'' | H&M: Candle in a cup}

Stop and smell the roses

Lately things haven't exactly been working out for me. Although I'm not sure why, all I know is that I desperately need to catch a break from all the nonsense that's been going on. A vacation to a nice resort would an ideal solution but since that hardly is an option at this point, long walks through the park (in the rain) will have to suffice!

H&M hat, blazer, top and tregging, Forever 21 necklace and bag, Even&Odd heels.

There's a first time for everything

Although this is not the first time I'm wearing pants, it is the first time I'm featuring them here on my blog. It sounds weird saying that, but I've just always been more a ''dress type'' of girl. I've said before that I want to try out different silhouettes, so a pair of pants should obviously be a part of that as well. Besides that this pair was just too pretty to resist. I'll always prefer my pyjama pants the most (hey, comfortableness beats everything!) but this pair seemed like a good daytime alternative.

Hat via Ebay, Mint&Berry blouse (old), H&M belt, NEXT pants, Warehouse bag, Even&Odd heels, Shop Ruche rings, Necklace via Etsy, E.L.F. lipstick in 'Posh', E.L.F. nailpolish in 'Smokey Brown'